2 + 2 Bachelor of Arts Degree

Students enter with Junior Status with the A.A. or A.S. Degree in hand, or a minimum of 63 transferable college credit hours.

Certificate in Media Arts

Students learn skills for introductory employment over a 22 week period with a total of 16 transferable college credit hours.

Certificate in Digital Arts

Students combine two Focus Areas for 31 transferable college credit hours over one year and a reel for placement within the industry.

Personal Enrichment

Take a class to learn a new skill. Audit up to two classes at half tuition cost for that class.

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Scholarships are available based on GPA and Portfolio submissions. Bethany College is a non-profit Liberal Arts College with a location at MindFire in Wichita offering Certificate and Bachelor Degrees in Digital and Media Arts. The mission of Bethany College at MindFire is to bring quality professional instruction in digital art to the city of Wichita and surrounding areas. Utilize the region’s only motion capture stage and record your audio with multiple digital sound boards. Come work with the pros in MindFire’s state-of-the-art facility! Bethany College at MindFire is a commuter location only. Bethany College at MindFire is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. All course work is transferable. Classes start Monday, January 26, 2015. Apply Now

Inside all of us is an undiscovered artist. The desire to create something from nothing. This desire is where your true colors originate. We want you to keep the fires of creativity burning. At Bethany College@MindFire our goal is to see your creative future become reality.

Download and use our new 3D Wall Paper created by Jesse Soyez!

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